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First Appearance Chapter 3
Voiced by Masakazu Morita


Aliases Hero's "Right Hand"
Gender Male
Species Human
Position Exa's Comrade



At first, Lakshri appears to be a complete womanizer (and for the most part, he is). He is easygoing, playful, and kind. He likes to tease Angelica mercilessly about her weight and her "lack of assets". He is often sent flying by Angelica or Sheila because of his attempts to harass them.

However, Lakshri is shown to have a more serious side. Before meeting Exa, he was merciless and had no qualms about hurting people. Now, Exa has become his emotional support. When Exa expressed doubt in his abilities as the Hero, Lakshri did not hestitate to restore him to his senses by punching him in the face (twice).


As the "RIght Hand of the Hero", Lakshri is a skillful swordsman. He uses two swords that are usually sheathed because he, like Exa, does not want to kill anyone. Out of the whole group, he has the greatest speed and agility. He can dodge enemy attacks and counter with ease. However, he is hampered by his "playing around" and is not as effective as he could be (it does not help that Angelica likes to aim her attacks at him either).


Lakshri first met Exa in the tournament to choose the Hero of the people. Exa defeated him easily without even hurting him and Lakshri admired him for it. He was even more amazed when Exa declared his intention to defeat the Demon Lord without killing any monsters. Intrigued, he decided to follow Exa "to the depths of Hell, if it was interesting enough".

In Superior Cross, it was revealed that he was an orphan growing up in the streets. He had no one to depend on so he stole food whenever he was hungry. Later, he became best friends with another orphan named Clive who was like his older brother and would always protect him. However, after an accident which crippled Clive, Lakshri realized that he depened on him far too much. After seeing the flyer for the Hero tournament, he decided to become stronger and not cause Clive anymore trouble.

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